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Important Ordering Update!
Effective December 31, 2020, you will no longer be able to place orders through ComNet. The system will be completely and permanently turned off.
Our new online ordering system, OrderHub™, has been active for several months and provides an easier and more robust ordering experience integrated with our websites.

Please note, your ComNet account will NOT transition to OrderHub™ automatically.
If you have not signed up for your OrderHub™ account yet, please email immediately.

There was an error with your request. You can attempt to log in again or try back later. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The customer account associated with this user is suspended, please call customer support for assistance.
This account has an invalid customer associated with it, please call customer support for assistance.
You have exceeded the maximum number of tries. The account has been temporarily locked. Please try again later.
That is not a valid User Id and Password combination. Please try again.
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OrderHub does everything ComNet can do, plus many more great features!

• Reservation of inventory

• Multi-warehouse inventory visibility

• Enhanced quick order / upload order

• Single email sign on for all brands

 Check out more of the OrderHub features! 
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